Katrina Barillova’s Elite Forces Workout

"Fantastic workouts with great music, addictive fun. This DVD set consists of three separate workouts depending on your mood (toning, shadowboxing and cardio), my favourite is the cardio which consists of moves based on punches, knees, kicks and squats. This workout gets your heart rate up and works up a very decent sweat. The music is the best I've found in a workout DVD, it's very cool and very addictive. The DVD can be a little cheesy a times i.e. "the missions", however I consider this set of workouts to be one of the best purchases, if not the best in my collection which consists of over 40 fitness DVD's. I would definately recommend this for anybody looking for exciting, challenging workouts that are visually appealing and present a very polished production."

(Caroline, Manchester, England)

"Simply the BEST workout video I've ever bought. As I've gotten older (and wiser) I've bought fewer workout videos because so many are just trash. (Who cares if some MTV kids can dance to a beat? That's no workout!) The Elite Forces DVD set has done the one thing I never thought possible: It motivates me to workout because I don't dread the exercises or the instructor. With almost all the other workout videos I've used, I'll usually watch a workout once, and be distracted trying to do the exercises. By the second or third time I watch I'm bored with the exercises, and irritated by the sickeningly-sweet instructor. This video has a totally different look, (the sets/background have kind of a techno-gym feel) and a group of people to learn the exercises from. It has really kept my attention as with this set I don't watch my clock for "how much longer is this thing." I find that I am distracted by the visuals, music and instruction, and time really flies by when I'm working out. For me, exercise is the only thing that helps me keep my weight under control, so a video that helps me keep my brain busy while working out is just what I need. This one is IT!"

(Carolyn, Wichita, Kansas)

"I searched online for hours trying to find the perfect workout DVDs... and I found this one! I was VERY skeptical about paying $60 for this product, but I decided to give it a try after reading the reviews. This was the best $60 I've spent in a while!! I highly recommend this package for anybody who is looking for getting into regular workouts (they do have modified exercises for beginners) or who is looking for a new challenge. This is a GREAT buy!"

(DPT student, NC)

"Inventive and imaginative. As a person who has for the last 30 plus years been involved in and taught classes in the martial arts, general fitness, aerobic karate/kickboxing, and weight training, I find it difficult to locate training media that is able to hold ones interest past a couple of work-outs. This training video by Katrina Barilova, is both inventive, and imaginative. I say inventive in that it introduces some new technology which is on the cutting edge, and imaginative in it's application. I am very excited about the possibilities that I see on the horizon for the "Elite Forces" training video media that is coming down the pipeline. If you're looking for something a little different, and a work-out that can be molded to your personal situations, this may be the exercise media for you."

(Robert Lawrence TKD Master Instructor, East Peoria, Illinois)

"By far, the best workout DVD available. Now, I'm pretty picky when it comes to workout DVDs. I like them fast, I like them tough, and I like them to be flexible. I don't want them to get boring, and I want them to look good. I was a bit skeptical when I coughed up the $60 for this set of workout DVDs, but from the first moment I put it in my DVD player and started watching it, I was impressed. First off, the production values are incredibly good for a workout video. It feels more like you're working out along to a movie, rather than just another workout video. Second, the workouts really are challenging, but not so challenging that you could never do them. "Max" is encouraging and relentless, but also tells you to take breaks and keep moving if you get tired. "Basics" is an important first step to this video. Even if you want to skip it, you should go through it at least once, because it'll teach you proper form. Particularly if you have bad knees like I do, you'll want to watch it for the section on roundhouses, or other moves that tend to impact the knees. "Combo" puts together all kinds of moves - from kickboxing to cardio to Pilates and other kinds of mat work. It's sort of the "beginner to intermediate" workout, if you consider that a total beginner can take a lot of breaks and work up to the challenge over time. "Shadowboxing" is so much fun. It's like Tae Bo in that you're doing kickboxing, but most of it is free-form. This means that you are given instruction on which moves and combinations you're working on, and then you get to do it at your own pace. You then combine this with slightly more choreographed sequences, and you've got a kickboxing workout that will never get boring. "Cardio" is hard. It's really hard. But it's not impossible, certainly. It's something to work toward, and you'll feel triumphant when you make it through. This DVD set is a group of tough, total-body, no-nonsense workouts that look really great. Bonuses are 3D wireframe models that tell you which muscles you're working, and countdown clocks that tell you exactly how much time your workout has left, and how much time you're spending on each section. Another bonus are the fun little spy movies - called "missions" - that begin each section (but you can skip these if you want). This set of DVDs, done regularly, will definitely whip you into the best shape of your life."

(Savia, San Francisco, CA)

"Great workouts, unique and really fun! After browsing Amazon's fitness section for over an hour, I decided to buy the Elite Forces Rapid Readiness Workout. The main reason I purchased this DVD was it really looked like it had something different to offer. (It has a girl with a gun on the cover, now that's different!) At first glance I thought it looked a little expensive, but when I checked the DVD details, I noticed it had 4 volumes, additional features, and some graphics called M.A.S.S. I'm not the kind of person who reads instruction manuals, so I skipped the Basics volume and went right on to the Shadowboxing Workout. (Later I realized skipping it was a mistake. When I finally watched the instructions it explained how to do the kicks and punches.) Let me tell you, the Shadowboxing Workout was TOUGH! I didn't finish the entire workout the first couple of times, but I've done it all the way through now. The other workouts are called Combo and Cardio. I love the Combo, it has kept me interested, and I have used it the most. It's has a lot of different motions, kicks and punches and really keeps me on my toes. The Cardio workout (I must admit), I started, but couldn't keep up. But instead of slowing down what is a fast workout, I've decided to save that one for when I'm in a little better shape. (Yes, it's THAT Hard!). All the volumes start with a little video, these are called "missions." In the missions, some bad guys (and girls) are trying to get the star of the video. I was really surprised to see her parachute to a roof-top in one! In another she's attacked while taking a bath, well, you get the idea. They are fun to watch, but do not last long enough for you to forget about why you are in front of the tv, TO EXERCISE! I don't watch them every time I workout, but I have noticed some of the workout moves I've learned used for self-defense in the missions. (I told my husband he'd better not bother me when I'm in the bathtub. ;) So, while I would DEFINITELY recommend this video, I do have a word of caution: Pick an open area of your house to workout in. (I kicked over a lamp during my first workout!)"

(Andrea, Newton, CT)

"Great workout! This DVD is awesome. You never know what you are going to get into with some exercise routines but this was really cool. Not only is Katrina really hot, she's so much fun to workout with. It is easy to understand, fun to do and the camera angles are even great so I know exactly what to do. Every time I do it I feel challenged. Best of all, the routine has really helped me get in shape. I can see the results already. It's a must-own!"

(A viewer)

"Elite Forces is fantastic. I've never done a workout this effective and fun. The Elite Forces video works muscles I never even knew existed. Since Katrina Barillova is a former intelligence agent, she really kicks it into gear for this exercise program. You don't need any equipment and you begin burning fat and building lean muscle the moment you get going. The more I do it the more I like it! I'd recommend it to anyone who wants real results!"

(Laura, Hollywood, CA)

"I've been in martial arts pretty much my whole life so I've always been in pretty good shape, so it's been a good experience to get into this kind of shape."

(A.J. Draven, Martial Arts Instructor & Personal Trainer.)

"I know I've lost a couple of inches in a couple of places... ...I'm more tight, mean."

(Guy de Boo, Fighter Jet Pilot & Stuntman.)

"I've been a runner for 22 years and I used to be a junior lifeguard, so I'm used to working through even though you are tired. This is just a great experience and it's great training, learning the techniques of the kicks and punches."

(Tricia Peacock, Model/Actress & Mother of 2.)

"It was a challenge... ...I had not encountered something like that in quite a while. This exercise program was a whole different ballgame."

(Alex Villamil, Personal Fitness Trainer.)

"Before this workout I was just surfing, I'm a total surfer-girl. I've learned so much during this, and I feel so strong now, it's great!"

(Naki Wilson, Professional Surfer.)

"It's been an intense workout, an intense last 4 weeks. You know what? I've got to go whoop some ass now."

(Miguel Coleman, Technology Executive & Entrepreneur.)

"Intense training... ...Boxing, cardio and a mixture of both, you know? It's crazy but it's fun. It got us in great shape."

(Adriana Clark, Model & Character Actress.)