Katrina Barillova’s Elite Forces Workout


Sunday, October 26, 2003

Editorial Review

by Joan Price

This fast-moving, high-tech 2-DVD set features former intelligence agent Katrina Barillova leading three complete 45-minute workouts for fat-burning, strength, flexibility, speed, precision, and endurance. The exercises are tough and relentless, military style, with Max, Barillova's trainer, instructing by voiceover. (He cues for the performers, not the viewer, so ignore his left/right directions.) The Combo Workout is full-body muscle conditioning with various forms of pushups, moving lunges, weighted punches, weights, and abs. The Shadowboxing Workout consists of fast, intense cardio boxing drills plus stretching. (Watch the separate Basics instructional section first.) The Cardio Workout--"designed to be unattainable"--pushes you through fast-paced, high-energy boxing moves, jumping jacks, squats, and lunges, with stretching.

When you take a water break, watch an action sequence featuring sexy Barrillova clad in evening dress, nightie, or bathtub water, defeating villainous guys and telling them what they did wrong. Recommended for conditioned exercisers who want a tough, athletic workout.