Elite Forces Workout Equipment

There is NO EQUIPMENT NECESSARY to fully enjoy each volume of Katrina Barillova’s Elite Forces Workout series. To adjust your experience to fit your personal needs and goals, whether it is to intensify your workout routine, make contact with a punching bag, make the workout more comfortable while performing some ground exercises, or simply to make it more fun by “mixing it up”, you can elect to add various equipment to your routines. Some optional equipment can be seen demonstrated in the BASICS volume and used by various agents in the Elite Forces Workout programs. However, the links and descriptions of equipment seen and used in the Elite Forces Workout videos or found on this website, are provided to you for educational and informational purposes only, and may not be appropriate for your use, so please consult with your health and/or fitness professional and the product/equipment manufacturer for recommendations, advice, safety, and the proper use and care of any product, service, equipment, protective gear or clothing component prior to use.


The equipment categories listed below can be used throughout all four volumes of the Elite Forces Workout: Basics, Combo, Shadowboxing and Cardio.


So choose as many options as you’d like, make your own combinations, your limit is your imagination.

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