:: Richard Edgar

  Accounting and finance professional for over thirty years. Has been a CPA with Ernst & Young, LLP. Established his own CPA firm.
Dissolved his CPA practice when he purchased Olson Electronics ($47 million per year, 27 stores in seven states) from Teledyne in an LBO for his own account and proceeded to operate Olson Electronics as President for almost four years.

Relocating to Los Angeles established his own consulting firm in the area of financial accounting, assisting such clients as: Disney, Warner Bros., Spelling Entertainment, Inc.,Global Media Net, Inc.,Fox News (assisted in bringing out the $2.1 billion IPO for 13% of Fox in November, 1998), Activision. Received his BS in Accounting from the University of Maryland, his MBA in Finance from The George Washington University and his CPA certificate from the University of Illinois.