About Why Not Entertainment


A serious answer to your important questions.™

Why Not? Entertainment steps in to fill the void created when someone says “no, it can’t be done.” In reality most anything IS possible, it CAN be done, and Why Not? Entertainment’s many divisions are ready to help! Combining your vision with our imagination, expertise, resources, and positive attitude, the answer to your question should always be “Why Not?”

Why Not? Entertainment at a glance:


We are a start-up company striving to create the remarkable and satisfy the customer. Your one-stop resource encompassing a broad spectrum of entertainment production.


Our team has worked with and for the dealmakers at: Activision, Disney, Fox, Spelling Entertainment, Vivendi-Universal, Warner Brothers, and more. Producing events for audiences in excess of 72,000, Why Not? has proven it’s ability. After hundreds of acclaim-winning live shows including: theatrical plays, fashion shows, musicals, and extravaganzas, Why Not? has consistently set the standard for quality live productions.


  • Film and Video Production – From the home entertainment market to full-length motion pictures, and everything in-between. (Documentaries, made for t.v. films, animated short subjects, and more.)
  • Electronic Gaming – A multi-platform game design and development center, intent on leading the way. Authoring the world’s first full Artificial Intelligence Game Engine is a great start.
  • Special Effects and Animation – Custom 2D and 3D animation and special effects for our productions, as well as movies, television, and the commercial market.
  • Live Events – Theatre, fashion shows, awards banquets, musicals, extravaganzas… Anywhere in the world.
  • Independent Distribution Point – Why Not? distributes it’s own products, and now offers third party product distribution and marketing.
  • Web Site Development – Including design, layout, programming, and implementation. Our skills encompass a broad range of knowledge, from flash and streaming media to e-commerce and website maintenance.

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