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Katrina Barillova’s Elite Forces Workout

Are you ready to:

  • Burn fat and build muscle?
  • Increase fitness and stamina without sacrificing energy?
  • Execute powerful movements with precise control?
  • Effect real, lasting change in the way your body looks and feels?
  • Enjoy the most engaging and entertaining workout of your life?

Then prepare yourself for the Elite Forces Rapid Readiness Workout featuring KATRINA BARILLOVA.

Katrina is a real-life former intelligence agent, and current high-tech company executive. Her mission: to get you fit!

The Elite Forces Rapid Readiness Workout is a complete fitness program, with a difference. Your elite training regimen begins with an instructional BASICS video followed by three unique, yet complimentary workouts: COMBO, SHADOWBOXING, and CARDIO.

BASICS – An instructional primer. BASICS demonstrates proper techniques to provide safety and maximize exercise benefits. Exercise equipment use is explained for each workout. (Use of exercise equipment is OPTIONAL for all workouts.) BASICS is included with each individual Elite Forces workout program if purchased separately.

COMBO - An energetic mix of martial arts kicks, boxing punches, muscle conditioning exercises and select Pilates techniques. Utilizing a multidisiplinary approach, COMBO turbocharges your fat burning ability.

SHADOWBOXING - A conditioning routine sure to maximize your power potential. Shadowboxing (with or without gloves and bag,) fosters reflex speed and muscle precision. The Shadowboxing Workout gives your body the perfect opportunity to knock-out stress and tension.

CARDIO - An endurance-building workout, with sustained movements at varying difficulty levels. Gains in cardiovascular fitness, posture, balance and stamina are the result. Encourages peak physical performance.